News & Upcoming Events

USAC Youth Bouldering Comp

We will be hosting another USAC Youth Bouldering Competition on September 15th! If you are interested in Volunteering please send us an e-mail or give us a call! You will be provided with free passes for your trouble!

Click here to register!

Open Climbing!

Opening Climbing is back again this summer! Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 12PM to 3PM! No appointments necessary, just show up and climb! $15.00 per participant, harness rental is inlcuded! There will be instructors to help anyone who wants to climb. Autobelays are also available for use! All ages are welcome! Great for kids and people who are new to rock climbing.

If you are interested in making time outside of opening climb to come work with one of our instructors please give us a call! We can set-up an appointment for you!