Youth Lessons

Beginner Course

For new climbers who are excited about learning the ins and outs of bouldering and top-roping. Consists of an 8 week beginner curriculum to familiarize children with terms and techniques used at a basic climbing level. No qualifications are required! Recommended ages 5+.

  • Cost: $180 / 8 week session.

Team RCC

For climbers who have shown they have what it takes to compete at a high level and wish to push themselves to their limits. Climbers must show up to 2 practices per week and are welcome to compete as often as they like. Recommended ages 8+. Climbers must qualify for this level. If you have questions about qualification requirements please contact us.

  • Cost: $125 / month (Includes Membership)

Belay Certification Course

Want to learn how to work the ropes? This course is for you! This 1 hour course covers: Gri-Gri belay device use, Knot-tying, Proper Commands, Belaying & Lowering, and Assessment of Difficulty. All participants must be at least 16 years of age. Minimum 2 participants to run a class, maximum of 8. Larger group lessons available upon request. Please call for availability!

  • Cost: $30

Indoor Sport Climbing Certification

Ready to learn how to sport climb? This 4 hour, 2 day course covers everything! You must be able to climb at least 5.9 as well as have your own harness to participate in this course. We will provide belay devices and ropes if necessary or, if you want, you're welcome to use your own as long as it clears a quick inspection! Minimum of 2 participants to run a class, maximum of 4. Please call for available dates and times. You must already be experienced with belaying and own your own harness.

  • Cost: $60 + Regular Climbing Fees